An Alternative investment is a financial asset that does not fall into one of the conventional or traditional investment asset classes. Conventional asset classes include; stocks, bonds and cash.

Most Alternative investment assets are held by institutional investors or Accredited, high-net worth individuals because of their complex and sophisticated nature, & in some cases lack of regulations and degree of risk.

Traditionally for institutional and accredited investors, Alternative investments have become feasible to retail investors via alt funds or pools, ETF's and mutual funds that build portfolios of alternative assets.


  • Alternative investments typically have a low correlation with those of standard asset classes.
  • Enhanced ‘risk-adjusted’ returns
  • This feature makes them a suitable tool for portfolio diversification.
  • Due to the volatility of market conditions, many large institutional funds such as pension funds and private endowments often allocate a portion of their portfolios to the Alternatives Asset Class.
  • We have formed institutional arrangements with some of the biggest names in the space including CI, Dynamic, Fidelity Institutional, Mawer, Purpose Investments etc. plus over 20+ product providers in the debt and real estate space etc.
  • The #1 most important rule of portfolio management is to combine assets that make money independently but don't correlate with one another

Willoughby Asset Management Pools & Portfolios are focused on growing and preserving investor's wealth, and the Company is mindful of protecting your assets from a market correction. Our average client will generally live through another five to seven economic & market cycles. As trying to time these cycles is a futile exercise, we prefer to prepare for future market cycles and downturns rather than react.

Our belief as such is that more can be achieved through efficient portfolio options and construction. By quantifying risk through back-tested portfolio analyses while comparing with past and projected returns, Willoughby has been successful in capturing strong returns during periods of market growth and preserving more capital during economic contractions.


  • Rockridge Private Debt Pool
  • Forsyth Private Real Estate Portfolios
  • Willoughby Investment Pool
  • Springfield Global Equity Pool
  • Castlefront Global Balanced Pool
  • Northgate Equity Strategy Pool
  • Hudson Total Mandate Portfolio

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